Filmed between July 2003 and April 2010, the scenes
on this DVD are a record of the operations of the
largest narrow gauge railway operator in Switzerland.

           001     Running time approx 60 minutes
                       Filmed by Mark Ellis
Swiss Railways   The Rhätische Bahn
Norwich Station in the 1980’s
The Felixstowe Branch 1989 and 2011
Steve Kinch spent several days in 1989  filming trains on the
Felixstowe branch. Class 101’s were in charge of passenger
services while 37’s and 47’s worked Freightliners. The
2011 film brings the scene up to date with class 153’s on
passenger duties and 66’s and 70’s on Freightliners.

                004    Running time approx  60 minutes
Filmed by (The Late) Steve Kinch 1989 and Mark Ellis 2011
Swiss Railways 2    Lausanne and Renens VD
Barnetby in North Lincolnshire is a freight “Hotspot”.
This DVD was filmed on 5 dates between 1998 and 2008.
Apart from a short sequence of a class 37 and one class 47
Freight trains are hauled by classes 56, 60 and 66 while
Passenger duties are worked by classes 153, 158, 170 and 185.

              007    Running time approx 62 minutes
                          Filmed by Mark Ellis

March 1980’s and 2011
Filmed  on a cold winter’s day, the 1980’s scenes on this DVD are
undated but are likely to be either 1987 or 1988. Most passenger
services were loco hauled, mainly with class 31’s. Several freights
are also filmed.
The 2011 film makes an interesting comparison’

                 008    Running time approx 53 minutes
 Filmed by (The Late) Steve Kinch 1980’s and Mark Ellis 2011

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Ipswich Station and Stowmarket in the 1980’s
This is some of the earliest film taken by Steve Kinch . Undated,
The first half was filmed between May 1986 and May 1987 when
Class 47’s still hauled Norwich to Liverpool  Street trains as far as
Ipswich where class 86’s took over. The remainder was filmed in
The late 1980’s at Ipswich and Stowmarket.

                011   Running time approx 58 minutes
                   Filmed by (The Late) Steve Kinch

The Great Eastern Main Line

This is the first DVD produced using my new camera
I decided to film along the entire length of the Great Eastern
Main line. Filmed over 3 days, Norwich to Manningtree on
04/05/12, Colchester to Ingatestone on 06/06/12 and Shenfield
to Liverpool Street on 05/07/12.  Trains were filmed at all stations
from Norwich to Shenfield then Harold Wood, Stratford, Bethnal
Green and Liverpool Street. Classes seen are 20, 66, 70, 86, 90
153, 156, 158, 170, 315,317, 321, 360, 378 & 379.
              012  Running time approx 90 minutes
                           Filmed by Mark Ellis
Kings Lynn to Cambridge
Steve Kinch filmed trains at all stations From Kings Lynn to
Cambridge between April 1989 and April 1990. This film
is reproduced here together with additional film at Ely and
Cambridge from either side of the above dates.
Loco classes include 08, 20, 31, 37, 47, 56 and 86 and
unit classes 101, 150, 156, 308, 317 & 321.
            017  Running time approx 67 minutes
              Filmed by (The Late) Steve Kinch
Swiss Railways 3   Kilwangen-Spreitenbach & Olten
The 3rd in the series of Swiss railway DVD’s looks at
Killwangen-Spreitenbach, a busy location for both passenger
And freight services & Olten, a major junction where large
Numbers of passenger and freight trains can also be seen.
Filmed on 14th & 15th June 2011 a variety of stock is seen
including several Ae6/6’s, which at the end of 2012 were put
into store although a few examples have since found their way
back into service in 2013.
              015  Running time approx 69 minutes
                        Filmed by Mark Ellis
German Railways 1   Munich
Even after filming at various locations at different times of the day
Freight was very elusive, there being only a handful of freight shots
Although permanent way trains were also evident.
In a far more relaxed health & safety environment than here in the
UK  I was able to film a track ballasting train at work while other
trains were passing nearby and from a bridge with waist high railings,
Filmed between 2nd & 5th September 2012 at Munich Ost,
Heimeranplatz, Laim, Donnersburgerbrücke and Munich HBF.
             018  Running time approx 80 minutes
                           Filmed by Mark Ellis
Swiss Railways 4   The Rhätische Bahn 2
The Rhätische Bahn is the largest Narrow gauge railway system
in Switzerland. Allegra units are now common place but a large
fleet of loco’s is still in operation. A variety of stock is seen on
The DVD which was mostly filmed during September 2013
although the last 20 minutes or so were filmed between 2006
and 2010.

                 022  Running time approx 65 minutes
                           Filmed by Mark Ellis

Yarmouth to Norwich  Summer 1989
This DVD contains scenes from the Summer of 1989 when
Loco hauled services still operated on Saturdays between
London and the Midlands to Great Yarmouth. Filmed over 6
Saturdays between May and September more than 20 Loco’s
are seen from classes 31, 37 and 47 plus class 101 dmu’s. In
2 and 3 car formations. There are no freight movements.

                 024   Running Time Approx 70 minutes
                      Filmed by  (The Late) Steve Kinch

Filmed during the late 1980’s (we do not have exact dates),
the locations on this DVD are Clapham Junction, Redhill
Hurst Green and Salisbury. Classes seen include 31, 33, 47, 50
73, 117, 119,  202, 205, 207, 455, 4TC and various Mk 1 Emu’s
This is early Steve Kinch film when he was still getting used to
his new (but expensive) camera so it may  appear to be a little
bit Shaky  but it has excellent interest value.
                 025  Running Time Approx 54 minutes
                      Filmed by (The Late) Steve Kinch.
Southern Region 1980’s
London Bridge 1988 & 2014

Original sound only, no commentary or music
This DVD looks at London Bridge Station on 1st September
1988 and 5th August 2014. 12 coach trains are plentiful on the
1988 film as it appears that the film was taken during the
evening peak. The 2014 film was taken early afternoon and
trains are formed of 4, 8  or 10 coaches.
The 1988 film includes classes 47, 205, 207, 319, 411, 415,
416, 423 and 455.
In 2014 classes 171, 319, 375, 376, 377, 455, 465 and 466
are the regular performers.
There is also a short spell at Cannon Street in 1988.
               028  Running time approx 74 minutes
Filmed by (The Late) Steve Kinch (1988) and Mark Ellis (2014)

Trains around Ipswich 2000 to 2011
This DVD is a compilation of film taken between April 2000
and October 2011. It was mostly filmed at Ipswich Station
But there are also short sequences at Trimley and Stowmarket
on 26/08/04 and Westerfield on 30/07/08. Ipswich was filmed
on  06/04/2000, 31/10/05, 30/07/08, 01/08/08, 27/10/10 &
Loco classes include 37,47,57,66.70, 86 and 90 with unit
Classes 150, 153, 156, 170 and 321.
             030  Running Time approx 66 minutes
                          Filmed by Mark Ellis

Peterborough to Manea 1990
Peterborough to Manea is part of Steve Kinch’s project to film
Loco hauled summer Saturday  trains operating between the
Midlands  and the North to Great Yarmouth. By 1990 these were
down to a handful of services compared to 20 years earlier.
From Manea these trains operated direct to Norwich via the Ely
avoiding line.
Classes seen are 31 & 47 on both passenger and parcels services
with a 37 on a coal train  plus DMU classes 101 & 156.
We return to Peterborough for the final 10 minutes for a brief look
at the station in the late 1980’s during the period when masts were
being installed for future electrification.

                     031  running time approx 60 minutes
                       Filmed by (The Late) Steve Kinch